About us

As time goes by, people forget what we said or did, but they never forget the way we made them feel! We activate emotions and feelings that determine consumer choice
— Active8.

since 2004
on the market
RAMS member
«Silver Mercury» and «Red Apple»
professional awards winner
Over 2000 succesfully realized projects
all regions of Russia


People don’t share facts, they share emotions
— Oxford Unity Research.

Research, analytics

Research on customers,consumers, retail brands, using a variety of unique metrics.

Strategy, planning

Strategy and marketing consulting, OOH strategy development.

Buying, replacement

Space buying, placement and monitoring.


National Consumer Promo (national promotion programs).

at POS

Testing, samplings, consultation, gifts with purchase.


Loyalty programs for customers.

Business events

Organization of conferences, seminars, trainings, presentations, outreach activities, team-building programs, participation in exhibitions.

Urban events

Organization of city holidays, street events, concerts.

Special events

Organization of unusual events, road-shows, flash-mobs etc.


Development merchandising standarts, visiting merchandising, stationary merchandising, technical merchandising (equipment or POSM installation).


Audit, POS monitoring, «mistery shopper» programs.

Motivation programs

Motivation programs for trade personnel, for B2B market.

Strategies and concepts

Creative concepts and strategies development.

Design and pre-press

Key visual design, POSM, prepress layout design.


Production of POSM, non-standards constructions, installations, exhibition stands.


Web-sites development (promo-sites, landing page, B2B web portal, education system and other formats).


B2c and B2B mobile applications development.

Specific solutions

Specific digital solutions (task-tracking systems, reporting systems, CRM systems).


When we share each other’s emotions, there are no barrier
— Active8.


When we look at contagious ideas, what seems obvious is that they generally arise because of the feelings we have about them – the more intensely we feel about them, the more likely we are to share them with others
— David Penn, founder and managing director, Conquest Research.

21, New Arbat str., Moscow 119019 hello@active8.ru +7 /495/ 641-4470

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